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7 Mar

AIR Profile: Mark Bravante

Mark Bravante is a mixed media artist from Springfield, Virginia. His works are meant to transform everyday objects giving them a new sense of purpose. The descriptions and narratives displayed by his artworks are not meant to judge; but rather a personal reflection of his everyday world. Mark Bravante attended George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. He has had work presented in various art shows throughout the Washington DC area. As an artist, he investigates the past to draw inspiration for change. His art is a testimony for rediscovery and redefinition of normal, mundane objects and the creative potential they possessed.

Bravante takes everyday objects from his surroundings and assembles them into something that is forward thinking and completely original. Every detail is crucial in the development of his art. Each artifact is redefined and re-examined, gibing them a new meaning. Every pieces is an extension of something that had been lost, ignored or forgotten. Bravante enjoys the process of manipulating these relics because it hives him a sense of direction of where we were in the past and the adaptation it took for us to be in our present state. His artwork is the product of these absorbed facts channeled through his creative vision. His work is a social commentary about what is going on in our world.

AIR (Artist in Residence) is a 90 day program that offers local artists the opportunity to come work in studio spaces at Palette 22 on a weekly basis, while giving them a shared space to sell and highlight their work. Check out Mark, as well as other great local artists in person, today!

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